Pakistan is a unique country with its fantastic wildlife that holds many rare mountain game spicies. Pakistan has a complete hunting charm from sandy deserts to snowy mountains.

Hunting Season: Hunting season starts from 1th of December to 31th of April.

Transportation: After the arrival of hunters at airport, they will be transported on SUV luxury vehicles to hotel or hunting areas, depending on the time frame of every hunter.

Weather: The hunts of Himalayan Ibex, Blue Sheep, Astor Markhor and Kashmir Markhor are organized in temperature from -1 C to – 23 C .
Blue sheep is aqqroximately on -20C, Himalayan Ibex is on -2 C to -10 C, Astor Markhor is on -1C to -5 C, Kashmir Markhor is on -1C to -6 C. Sindh Ibex and Blandford Urial are on dry mountains. And January and February is the best time to hunt. In these months the temperature is 12C to 15C.

Hunting Pakistan is sure to be a thrilling experience. Whether you are interested in big nine or wild boar hunt. We have the experience and infrastructure to make you Pakistan trip memorable. The hunting camps and lounges we use range from very comfortable to luxurious with all modern amenities available in hunting areas.

Our Commitment is to all hunters and ensuring each hunter enjoys a memorable experience which take his or her specific requirements into account. We quarentee you services and best outfitting from beginning till end of your hunt. Big nine species are as under;

Kashmir Markhor, Astor Markhor, Suleiman Markhor, Himalayan Ibex, Sindh Ibex, Blue Sheep, Penjab Urial, Bland Ford Urial, Afghan Urial.