(Capra cylindricornis)

Dagestan Tur that lives in the Caucasian Mountains with unique grandeur of Azerbaijan subsists between 2000 to 3000mt. Dagestan Tur which is called “Taka” by the natives is one of the most difficult mountain hunts.

DagestanTur hunt can be combined with Caucasian Bear, Caucasian Chamois (Kara Pacha), Caucasian Roe Deer and wild boar if legally allowed.

Hunting Season: Dagestan Tur hunt starts as of May and ends by December. Mating season is between November and December.

Dagestan Tur Hunt: Before the hunt, we take a ride to a location that will take 3 hours where we meet with our guides. After carrying all the equipment to a 4×4 truck, it takes another 3 hours to reach the main camp. This path goes all the way in to the camp in a river bed. During our break points on the way we set our scopes. After establishing to the main camp, on the next day we take a horse ride to the hillside. After leaving the horses on a certain point, we start walking by the extraordinary view of the Caucasian mountains. This hunt requires a good body fitness. Shooting distance varies between 50 to 500m. Due to natural surroundings shooting distance may extend. For a successful hunt, the area will be checked for the best possible trophies by our professional guides before the hunter’s arrival.

Hunting locations are Sheki, Dasagil, Goynuk, Oguz, Filfili and Keldek.

Camp/Hotel: According to the arrival time, hunters gets set in to hotels after meeting in Baku Airport or transferred to the hunting area directly. Hunters stays in lodges by the camp area and stays in tents in the hunting area.

Weather: Weather is generally hot during the day time in June – September and cool during the night (+10˚C to 30˚C). In November it is between (-5˚C to 10˚C). Rain, snow and fog might be expected according to the season.

Transportation: It is possible to fly to Azerbaijan from İstanbul, Vienna, Prague and Paris. Turkish Airlines and other private Turkish companies has got flights to Baku.