The altitude of the hunting locations; Isyyk Gol on the North, Naryn in the East and Osh on the South varies between 2.500 to 4.500mt and hosts a great population of Marco Polo, Siberian Ibex and Siberian Roe Deer. It is also possible to see Hume Argali in the close locations to the Chinese border. Marco polo is called “Kulja” and Ibex is called “Teke” by locals. Siberian ibex (Mid-Asian Ibex) is known brown in Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore another ibex that as got white spots on its back similar to the Himalayan ibex can be seen on the Chinese border. With its massive trophy, Siberian Roe Deer is one of the irrevocable animals for hunters.

It is possible to combine Marco Polo Argali, Hume Argali, Siberian Ibex, Siberian Roe Deer and wolf hunts in Kyrgyzstan.

Hunting Season:
Mid-Asian Ibex : August 15th – December 1st and January 15th – March 1st
Marco Polo Argali : August 15th – December 1st and January 15th – March 1st
Hume Argali : September 1st – December 1st and February 1st – March 1st
Siberian Roe Deer : August 1st – December 1st

There might be snow at high altitudes after October.

Hunting: We take horses from main camp to hunting areas with accompany of the experienced Kyrgyz guides. You will surely be effected by the wild life and extraordinary view of the Tien-Shan Mountains. After watching and deciding the trophy we sneak to the hunt. Shooting distance is generally 100 to 400m. Longer shots might be required when needed. Since Marco Polo Argali and Hume Argali lives above the altitude of 3500mt, hunter needs to be in good body fitness and has cold weather clothing, shoes and other necessary equipment.

Camp/Hotel: After welcoming the hunters at the VIP hall of Manas Airport in Bishkek we directly move to the hunting area by 4×4 vehicles. According to the hunting location ride takes 8 to 15 hours. In the main camp rooms are always kept warm and there is a separate dining room, bathroom and toilet. At each camp steam bath and generators are available. At the end of the hunt we take tour to Osh Bazaar and other shops where you could buy souvenir.

October: Day time (+5˚C/+15˚C) / Nights (-5˚C/10˚C)
November: Day time (+5˚C/-15˚C) / Nights (-15˚C/-20˚C)

It can be very cold, windy and snowy especially after November.

Transportation: It is possible to fly to Kyrgyzstan from Istanbul.
Turkish Airlines and other private companies have got flights to Bishkek.